The 2-Minute Rule for whita glo total image

In several scenarios, Doppler ultrasound has replaced x-ray solutions for instance angiography, as a way To judge blood vessels and blood flow. Doppler ultrasound permits actual-time viewing of blood stream that can't be attained by other solutions.

CT enterography is a Exclusive style of computed tomography (CT) imaging done with contrast substance to generate images of your tiny intestine. See the CT Enterography webpage To learn more. curettage

A tool that is temporarily implanted in and afterwards faraway from the inferior vena cava, the big vein that returns blood in the legs to the heart, to circumvent blood clots from the decrease entire body from traveling to the guts or lungs. orbit

Nitrogen gas within a liquid point out. The acute cold of liquid nitrogen at -196°C is Employed in cryosurgery to freeze and damage diseased tissue, like most cancers cells. lithotripsy

Competent medical physicists function instantly Along with the medical professional from the remedy setting up and supply. They oversee the perform on the dosimetrist and support make certain that intricate therapies are adequately customized for every client.

An assessment on the lower rectum along with the prostate gland in males to check for abnormalities. The expression "digital" refers back to the clinician's use of a lubricated finger to carry out the exam.

A little metal (commonly gold) sphere, coil or cylinder about the measurement of the grain of rice that's positioned in or near a tumor to help you guideline The position of radiation beams all through radiation therapy treatment.

An endoscope, an illuminated optical instrument, is inserted through the mouth and threaded throughout the esophagus to your small intestine to allow the bile duct, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas being examined.

A thin wire utilized to guide the placement of a catheter in the overall body all through a minimally invasive procedure.

Radiography of kidneys, ureters, and bladder adhering to injection of contrast medium right into a peripheral vein. For information begin to see the Intravenous Pyelogram page.

Product inserted or grafted into tissues. In dentistry, a graft or insert set in or on to the tooth socket ready for its insertion.

One of a category of medicines called antiplatelet medications that help protect against hazardous blood clots which could result in heart attacks or strokes.

A Distinctive type of noninvasive nuclear drugs imaging that gives pictures identified as scintigrams in the lymphatic process. Begin to see the Lymphoscintigraphy web site Sneak A Peek Their Product for more information.

A type of coil, crafted from comfortable platinum wire smaller sized than the usual strand of hair and obtainable in various diameters and lengths, Utilized in a method identified as a removable coil embolization to deal with an aneurysm (a bulge) or maybe a blood vessel malformation named a fistula (a Fake passageway) that occurs while in the Mind and other areas of the human body.

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