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A rim of fibrocartilaginous tissue hooked up on the scapula, or shoulder blade, that provides a deeper socket for The pinnacle in the humerus, or higher arm bone. The labrum is a common internet site of accidents: it might be damaged in falls and from repetitive use, as in throwing and weightlifting. glial cells

Evaluation of a human body cavity such as the pelvis utilizing an illuminated tube which is inserted through a smaller incision.

Also known as implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD). A pacemaker-like system that constantly monitors the guts rhythm and delivers lifesaving shocks if a harmful coronary heart rhythm is detected.

Inflammation while in the meninges, the masking of your brain and spinal cord, usually due to a virus or micro organism. menopause

An surplus of fluid during the pleural cavity, the space that surrounds the lungs and lies underneath the upper body wall.

Portion of an electronic detector Employed in a digital imaging technique. An x-ray device produces a little burst of radiation that passes from the human body, recording an image both on photographic film or, in a digital program, around the image recording plate of an Digital detector, a tool that converts the x-rays into digital alerts which happen to be consequently sent to a pc to supply images. image-guided biopsy

The spread of the condition system from one particular part of your body to a different, as in the appearance of irregular tissue growths (malignant or nonmalignant) in elements of the human body remote through the site of the principal tumor.

A surgical method in which a part of the diseased esophagus and close by lymph nodes are taken off as well as remaining esophagus is reconnected into the tummy total image whita glo employing a plastic tube or Component of the affected individual’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. esophagitis

The sum total of all chemical processes in the human body that cause growth, Electricity, waste elimination and also other body features pursuing meals digestion plus the distribution of nutrients within the blood.

A medication that interferes with the conventional operate of blood platelets and thereby minimizes the inclination for blood to clot; usually identified as a blood thinner.

A closed sac or envelope lined using a membrane and made up of lubricating fluid, generally observed or formed in places issue to friction; e.g., above an uncovered or notable portion or in which a tendon passes around a bone.

Considered one of a category of drugs referred to as antiplatelet medicines that assist reduce unsafe blood clots which could lead to heart attacks or strokes.

The elimination of all or Portion of a lymph node to be examined below a microscope by a pathologist (a physician specializing in the examination of cells and tissues) to determine if cancer cells are existing.

Protecting versus any reasonably expected employs or disclosures of ePHI that aren't permitted or needed with the treatment on the individual.

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